A Happy and Hope Filled 4th of July


I remember distinctly the 4th of July as a child. Every year, we would pile in the car with every Radio Flyer and folding chair we could manage, head to Downtown Muskegon for the Seaway Festival fireworks, and eagerly stare up at the sky waiting for the first boom of fireworks.

The children of D.A. Blodgett – St. John’s have had a very different childhood than I did. But their Holiday will be the same.

At dusk on the 4th of July, every child’s eyes will look to the sky; regardless of if they are victims of abuse or neglect.

Our children will grab their Radio Flyers, which you donated, and pile into our vans. They will stare at the sky with sparklers in their hand in a special VIP section, thanks to the amazing people at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. They will wait, just like every other child in our community, for that first burst in the sky.  We believe our children need to have these same types of life altering experiences as any other child.  Our children grow and learn from experiences, which help to form the people they will be someday.  Thank you for making these experiences happen. 

It is our goal to keep that feeling alive throughout the year.

Happy 4th of July to all of our supporters, friends, and especially the children and families we serve,

Sharon Loughridge